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Infected Nonhealing Wound in a Kidney Transplant Recipient: Successful Treatment With Topical Homologous Platelet-Rich Gel

Iesari S1, Lai Q, Rughetti A, Dell'Orso L, Clemente K, Famulari A, Pisani F, Favi E.


Impaired would healing is a known adverse effect of chronic immunosuppression. Solid-organ transplant recipients undergoing major abdominal surgery have an increased risk of wound-related complications compared with the general population. In this subset of patients, surgical site infections and wound dehiscence must be aggressively treated to avoid sepsis, graft loss, and death. Recently, topical application of platelet-rich plasma has been proposed as an alternative therapeutic option to enhance wound healing in difficult cases. Unfortunately, randomized controlled trials evaluating the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma compared with standard or advanced wound management are lacking, and the literature mostly refers to anecdotal reports in patients with no evidence of wound infection. This report documents a kidney transplant recipient who experienced spontaneous bladder rupture because of gangrenous cystitis. After an exploratory laparotomy and bladder repair, the patient developed a deep surgical site infection by multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and extensive wound dehiscence. Advanced wound management and vacuum-assisted closure therapy were ineffective. Topical homologous platelet-rich gel was used resulting in significant wound healing, without infections or immunologic complications.

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